The third issue of the almanac "The Russian world and Latvia" has been prepared for the 16 th session of seminar "Education and self-knowledge: their correlation in socio- historic forms".

      The almanac is opened by section "The role of education in modern society". This section includes fragments of reports by Vladimir Mackievitch and Alexander Levintov at the seminar' s 15th session held in April 2005, a speech by historian and magazine "Daugava" Boris Ravdin presented in Tokyo University in February 2005, as well as an article by Sergey Mazur "On school, education traditions and cultural similarities".

      The second part of the almanac is entitled "Cultural studies". The article of Alexei Romanov describes the role of teacher in the process of self-knowledge. Another article, by Irina Protopopova, comments on a gnostical text "Pistis Sofia".

      The section three, a publication by Yuri Sidyakov, is dedicated to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, thus continuing the 2 nd almanac.

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